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As we all know that Pubg Mobile is the most trending and the popular game in the history of the play store.

When pubg is launched globally then it is only available for high-end gaming pcs, PlayStation and Xbox and at that time, It is not quite popular among the people, especially the people of India because most of the people in  India can not afford the high-end gaming pcs and PlayStation but when Pubg is launched for android and ios platforms then it becomes very popular amongst the people.

As of now, The every player of pubg mobile wishes for one thing only ie. Winner-Winner Chicken Dinner but only a few players will get to it because they become a pro player and on the other hand, most of the beginner people suffer a lot to get winner-winner chicken dinner.

So, Here are the 5 PUBG Mobile tips and tricks for beginners!

1. Landing

Landing is the first and the most important thing in the pubg mobile and almost all the beginner players become failed to land in the proper place. 

Beginner players tend to land in the very crowded places in every map whether it is pochinki, georgopol, the school in the erangel or boot camp, paradise resort in sanhok or pecado in Miramar and this is the worst thing ever because crowded areas are very risky for beginners as compared to other areas.  

So, make sure to mark less crowded areas on the map so that you can play better.

I will suggest you some of the places on erangel map and make sure that you play on erangel map firstly because it is the easiest and simple map which is best suited to beginners. 

Best places on Erangel map to land on:

  • Mylta
  • Gatka
  • Hospital
  • Severny
  • Ruins
  • Shelter
These are the safest places and also you will be able to find a good amount of loot in these places.

2. Aware of Enemies

This is the most important thing on which you have to be focused on is the awareness of the enemies out there because of most of the beginner players always busy in looting the guns and ammunition and completely forget that there are some enemies also.

The places which I mentioned above are the safest places of erangel map and when you land in those places, you will probably find less no. of enemies.

Sometimes,  You will also see some bots (robots) but there is no need to become panic because robots are the worst players and they cannot harm you.

Also, when you killed an enemy player then please don't be busy in looting its death box because there is a possibility of risk as his teammate will kill you from anywhere out there.

3. Loot Fast 

Most of the players always do this mistake that they are always busy in looting and try to find out the best weapons for them to survive in a game but this is not a good strategy.

You will have to loot as fast as you can and then just focus on your enemies.

Also, I will suggest you that you should immediately decide your gun combination so that you can loot easily according to your need. 

The best guns combination according to me is M416 and Kar98K.

You can also make your eye on the air drops because you can find some rarest guns like AWM and M249 in air drops.

4. Always play in the squad

This is a lifesaver tip or you can say the trick to survive long in the game for beginners.

You should always play in the squad mode if you are at a beginner level because it is the safest mode. There are 4 team members in addition with you to play the game and you can also connect with them through the voice chat or messaging chat.

There are so many benefits of playing in a squad, Some of them are the following:
  • In case you have been knocked out by an enemy then your teammate is there to help you and revive you.
  • when you need some kind of weapon or you need some ammunition then your teammate helps you and give ammo.
  • At the end of the game when only a few players are alive then you and your teammates should be bundled up and will easily get the winner-winner chicken dinner.
You can also play in the duo mode but I will suggest you play in the squad mode.

5. Always use Grenades

Grenades are the most important factor in the pubg but most of the noob or you can say the beginner players generally don't use grenades in the game which is a huge mistake. Grenades are as important in the game like the guns.

There are 4 types of grenades which are available in the pubg are as following:
  • Frag grenade
  • Smoke grenade
  • Stun grenade
  • Molotov cocktail
Molotov cocktail is actually not a grenade but it is considered in the category of grenades. Also, the Molotov cocktail is the most powerful grenade among all those which are mentioned above.

In most of the times, Grenades are very useful to you. In case you want to identify the enemies in a particular building and want to kill them then you can use frag grenades and stun grenades. The smoke grenade is generally used to confuse the enemy.

Ultimately, I suggest you use the grenades in the game to perform better.

I hope you liked the article, Have a good day.

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