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best camera apps for android

With a day to day advancement in technology, Camera becomes the main part of a human's life as it plays a very important role in it. Also, smartphone cameras have improved a lot in the past couple of years and nowadays most of the smartphones are coming with dual cameras on their back and front also because Selfie is also an important factor.

Some of the flagship brands like Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and, LG launched their latest flagship smartphones with triple rear cameras which is just insane.

Most of the brands provide their stock camera app on their smartphones and they are quite good also for normal people who used to take pictures on normal occasions but on the other hand, the people who want to go manual for taking pictures gets irritated with the stock camera app because it does not have tons of manual features.

So, in this article, I am gonna be showing you 3 Best camera apps for your android smartphone which offers you the great picture quality and also the tons of manual features.


1. Bacon Camera

Bacon Camera

If you are one of the people who love to take pictures with full manual control then Bacon Camera is the best camera application for you because it offers you the tons of manual features which you can use to take an awesome picture whether it is a portrait or a landscape.

In case if you are using a xiaomi smartphone and your camera application doesn't support ultra HD picture quality then you can use bacon camera and because it gives you the picture-perfect image quality.

Features of Bacon Camera:
  • Full manual focus.
  • Full manual white balance.
  • Full manual exposure compensation.
  • Manual shutter speed.
  • Manual ISO settings.
Along with its tons of manual features, It offers you some exceptional features such as Live Histogram, Multi Exposure, Exposure Bracket and, GIFs which is quite amazing.

Also, you can take some amazing pictures by adding color effects to them such as Neon, Aqua, Emboss, Sketch.

Bacon Camera

2. Camera FV 5

Camera Fv 5

The Camera FV5, It is also an amazing camera application which comes with the decent manual controls but the main thing about this application is that it is quite easy and has a simple interface as compared to the bacon camera which comes with the vertical interface.

Camera FV5 offers you some amazing and cool features out there through you can take awesome pictures. You can also adjust the image parameters like contrast, saturation, sharpness in settings.

Features of Camera FV5:
  • Program Mode (Adjust shutter speed and exposure).
  • Light metering modes.
  • Manual ISO.
  • Different focus modes.
  • Different white balance modes.
  • Widescreen viewfinder
You can also use the Live Histogram feature to improve your shot.

camera fv5

3. Camera MX


Camera MX is slightly a different third-party camera application as compared Bacon camera and Camera FV5 because it can not give you the manual features. Now, You can say that what's special in this app. 

Camera MX has a lot of different features like the live shot, shoot-the-pastslow motion. Also, you can add different types of filters and effects in your pictures and videos and make them amazing and co-incidently if you are an Instagram addict then this app is just amazing for you.

Features of Camera MX:
  • Shoot-the-past mode.
  • Live shot mode.
  • slow motion mode.
  • scene mode.
  • Live Grid.
  • Mirror selfies.
  • Cool effects.
  • Amazing filters.
Especially, The slow-motion video effects of Camera MX is just insane.

Camera MX

These three apps are officially available on the play store so there are no security issues. So, I hope you liked this article D:

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