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Youtube Growth Strategy - How to Grow on Youtube in 24 Hours

youtube growth strategy

In the past few years, Youtube had evolved a lot as it gained a very large number of audience on its platform. Youtube is now the largest video sharing platform in the world as it currently has 2 billion active worldwide users in which some are the content creators and some are the normal viewers. Also, Youtube is the most popular amongst other video sharing platforms like Vimeo, IGTV (Instagram TV) etc-.

Today, I am giving some of the coolest tips to grow your youtube channel in just 24 hours.

Convert your normal videos into professional videos.

I know most of the content creators make very good and educative content on youtube but that good content is nothing until your video quality is not good. Your video should be of good quality resolution, Audio quality should be good and the best part is how you shoot your entire video. Equipment does not matter a lot as nowadays, smartphone cameras are too good and give you the amazing video output. You can also use some of the third party applications like Bacon camera, Open camera etc-.

Try to shoot your video in a decent background where the lighting conditions are good so that the audience retention is proper. On the other hand, Editing is the best part of a youtube video as it plays a very important role in your video so try to edit your video as good as possible. There are a lot of amazing video editors like wondershare filmora, Camtasia, Adobe premiere pro.

Optimize your Title, Tags, and Description.

The biggest mistake most of the people do is they do not optimize the title, tags, and description of their youtube videos which is the most important perspective to grow on youtube. So, Make sure to optimize your title, tags, and description of your videos before publishing them. You can also take the help of some third party software or tools like tube buddy, google keyword planner etc- to optimize your video. This optimization is very important to rank your video on the first page of youtube search and you can get a lot of organic traffic to your channel. Make sure that description is brief and detailed so that your viewers can interact with it.

Make High CTR Thumbnail.

Thumbnail is the key factor of your youtube video. If your custom thumbnail is awesome and of good quality then there are very high possibilities of your video is ranked on youtube and will be getting a lot of views in the future. Thumbnail making is not a difficult task at all, only you need a basic photoshop knowledge to create a good quality thumbnail. Make sure that your thumbnail looks clean and minimalistic so that the viewer can easily interact with it. The minimum resolution of your thumbnail should be 1920*1080.

Use Cards and Endscreen/Annotations.

You should use the internal features of youtube itself like Cards, End screens, Annotations in your youtube video as they are very helpful in engaging the audience to your channel. Cards like polls are very useful when you put some kind of question in your video and ask the audience to answer it in the cards button. End screens are also very useful for a youtube video as they work as a medium to transfer audience to another video so that audience retention is good and proper.

So, I hope you like these amazing cool tips to boost your youtube channel.

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