How to take amazing macro shots with your smartphone

macro photography

You have been seen a lot of times a very close up photograph of anything like a flower or a tiny insect but ever you should think that how can you capture that type of photograph with your smartphone whether it is a budget one or a flagship. Also, you don't need an expensive DSLR or any type of expensive gear, Only you have to know some basic terms related to photography and that's it. So, Here the 5 tips and tricks to capture those amazing macro shots with your smartphone. Let's get started.


The very first thing you need to do while capturing a good macro shot is to get as close to the subject as you can to get the maximum bokeh or blur effect in your photograph but be sure that you should not come very close to the subject because smartphones don't have more powerful sensors and that's why when you get very close to the subject you can get the blurry pictures. So, take a bit of time to focus on the subject and the resultant photograph is literally amazing.


The second thing you can do to capture some next level macro shots with your smartphone is to buy a macro lens as they are not very costly and gives you the amazing picture output and If you buy them offline then you will get them at a very cheap price as compared to the online market. Basically, a macro lens can increase the focusing capacity of your smartphone so that you can easily get closer and closer to the subject and get a detailed macro shot.


As I told you in my previous post about smartphone photography that you should never use the flash of your smartphone while capturing a photo, same case is here that you should never use the flash while capturing a macro shot because it can completely destroy the quality of your picture as it gives very harsh light and that's why the shadows and highlights of the picture are not proper and the resultant picture seems to be very bad. So, please avoid the smartphone flash while taking a macro shot. 


Lighting is the most important part of a great looking picture as without better lighting conditions, the picture seems to be dull. The natural lighting conditions like sunlight are amazing to take an awesome macro shot as the picture comes more detailed and the dynamic range is also very good in the picture. So, keep this thing in your mind while capturing the macro shot.
You can also capture a macro shot in artificial lighting conditions but make sure that the indoor artificial lighting is good enough to take that picture.


The most common mistake most of the people do is to use the stock camera application of their smartphone but trust me if you have a smartphone of a budget category then you should immediately stop using your stock camera app as it doesn't provide you the manual controls like focus peaking, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, exposure etc- which are essential for capturing a good quality picture. I suggest you use the Bacon camera application which is available on the play store at free of cost.

So, I hope you found these tips useful, GOODBYE! 

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