Diwali 2018 - Diwali Wishes, Quotes, Messages, Greetings

Diwali 2018 - Diwali Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings

As we all know, Diwali or Deepawali is the most popular Indian festival which is mainly celebrated by the Hindus and it is celebrated all over the world. Basically, People celebrate Deepawali by decorating rangoli in their home and firecrackers which is awesome even I am also the huge lover of firecrackers but sometimes they were proved to be harmful also.

Diwali is mainly known as the festival of light and on the occasion of this festival, People decorate their home with Divas, Candles, LED Lights etc-. Diwali is the victory of light upon the darkness. On this day, Lord Rama killed Ravan and came back to Ayodhya and that's why Deepawali is celebrated.

This year, Diwali is celebrated on the 6th of October 2018.

Here I have collected some wonderful Diwali Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings for you so that you can share these amazing wishes and greetings with your dear and near ones and make them happy.

Diwali 2018 - Diwali Wishes, Quotes, Images, Messages, Greetings

Diwali Wishes

Wishing that this Diwali brings prosperity to your business and more opportunities for us to work together!

Joy and Happiness are in the air. Its Diwali everywhere, let's show some love and care and wish everyone out there!

Happy Diwali, May lights and crackers brings shine in your life. 

Wishing you and your family a lot of happiness, prosperity and sparkling Diwali. 

On this Diwali, May the lamps of joy illuminate your life with love and happiness.

Let's celebrate a pollution free Diwali. 

Diwali Quotes 

May every lamp that will be lit on the evening of Diwali brings joy and prosperity for everyone.

May the divine light of Diwali spread into your life peace, prosperity, happiness, and good health. 

With gleam of divas and echo of chants, may happiness and contentment fill your life. 

As you celebrate the Diwali, please note that my wishes are there with you for a safe and happy Diwali.

May this festival of light fill your life with the glow of happiness and sparkle of joy. 

Diwali Messages and Greetings

On this auspicious festival of light, may the glow of joy and happiness illuminate your whole life.

Have a sparkling Diwali with lots of divas and lamps lighting up your life with joy and happiness.

May you and your family have a peaceful and joyful Diwali.

With a hope that you attain success and bliss with every light that is lit on the day of Diwali.

Wish you a very happy and beautiful Diwali.
Diwali night is full of lights, may your life be filled with colors and happiness.

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I wish you a Happy Diwali, Have a Good Day ahead.

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