Diwali Wishing Script - Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger

Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger

Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger
Happy Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger

As we all know, Diwali is the most popular Indian festival which is mainly celebrated by the Hindus and it is celebrated all over the world. Basically, People celebrate Deepawali by decorating rangoli in their home and crackers which is awesome even I am also the huge lover of firecrackers but sometimes they were proved to be harmful also.

Diwali is mainly known as the festival of light and on the occasion of this festival, People decorate their home with Divas, Candles, LED Lights etc-. Diwali is the victory of light upon the darkness. On this day, Lord Rama killed Ravan and came back to Ayodhya and that's why Deepawali is celebrated.

Diwali Wishing Script for Blogger

Today I am gonna be giving you a WhatsApp viral Diwali wishing script for free for the blogger platform so that this Diwali festive season, you can earn a lot of money by Event Blogging. This Diwali wishing script is completely free for all people and you don't have to pay a single rupee for this.

This Diwali wishing script is slightly different from other Diwali wishing scripts as in this wishing script, you don't need to install notepad ++ in your computer. You can easily edit this script by simple notepad which is pre-installed in your computer.

In case you are using an Android smartphone, then please don't become panic, You can easily edit this Diwali wishing script in your smartphone by installing HTML editor or WPS office.

Also, This Diwali wishing script is very light and its colors are very catchy, The whole background is of yellow color with green sprinkles. On the corners, There is the animation of firecrackers which is looking dope and at the center, There are cool animations of different GIF files and images with some well written Diwali quotes.

You can also place the Adsense ads in your Diwali wishing script earn money from it by sharing it in your friends and nearby relatives. Also, You can share this wishing script in different WhatsApp groups and make it viral.

 Diwali wishing script
 Diwali wishing script
So, I hope You like the Demo of this Diwali wishing script and please do give the feedback in the comment section below.

Pre-Requisites of Diwali wishing script

  1. Domain name (.ooo,.tk,.xyz,.com,.in or) or you can also use the subdomain of blogger.
  2. Fully approved Adsense account.
  3. Blogger hosted account.
  4. Join a minimum of 100 WhatsApp groups.
  5. join a minimum of 100 facebook groups.

Key Features of Diwali wishing script

  1. Adsense friendly wishing script.
  2. Very lightweight script.
  3. Very catchy and punchy colors.
  4. WhatsApp large sharable button.
  5. Optimized for high ads revenue.
  6. Supports all ad sizes.
  7. Name shareable.
  8. Easy to install.
  9. Super Fast loading.
  10. Simple and secure.
  11. Awesome Design.
  12. Change images according to your need.

How to setup Diwali Wishing Script in Blogger

  1. Create your account in Blogger website through your Gmail account.
  2. Create a new blog and choose any simple theme.
  3. Now go to "Revert to classic themes".
  4. Click on Nav Bar and choose "Off".
  5. Now open your Diwali wishing script in Notepad.
  6. Replace all the Adsense codes with your own ad unit codes.
  7. Enter your google analytics id to track your wishing script. (optional)
  8. Replace my website URL with your own website URL in the footer section.
  9. Now click on Save button and that's it.
  10. Your website is now ready.


This WhatsApp viral Diwali wishing script is only compatible with the google blogger platform. Please don't use this script in any other platform like WordPress etc because if your script is gone viral then only the blogger will handle the high traffic load.

Place all Adsense codes and Paste your site URL carefully because if you placed anything wrong then your website will not work properly.

Q. How to show Adsense Ads in this script?

Ans - Firstly, You should have a fully approved Adsense publisher account because if you don't have a fully approved Adsense account then you will not able to show the Adsense ads in your script.

Now coming to the point, To show the Adsense ads in your script, follow these steps:

  1. Go to "My account" then click on "My Sites".
  2. Enter the URL of your site on which you have to show Adsense ads. For example (www.Diwali.com)
  3. Then Click on Verify and verify your wishing website.
  4. Now go to the ad units section and generate the ad unit codes.
  5. Place the ad unit codes in your wishing script.
  6. That's it, Enjoy.


In this article, I gave you a WhatsApp viral Diwali wishing script which is very lightweight and Adsense friendly script. I explained you in detail about this Diwali wishing script and this is specially made for only the blogger platform. I also explained to you that how to place Adsense ads in this Diwali wishing script.

I hope you liked this article and If you have any query or doubt related to this wishing script in your mind then do write that in the comment section below and we will surely get back to you in some time.

Wish you all a Happy and Safe Diwali.

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