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Nowadays, Most of the bloggers are doing very hard work to get Google Adsense Approval on their blog or any website so that they can start earning money with their blog by placing Google Adsense ads on it.

Getting Google Adsense approval is not an easy task in 2018 because of Google Adsense policies or you can say terms and conditions. Google now strict their policies because of the false people who are supposed to do various illegal activities with Google Adsense accounts such as selling the Adsense accounts in a huge prize money to the beginner bloggers which is truly illegal and if somebody forces you to buy the approved Adsense account from him/her, immediately reject it because it is proved to be very risky for you in future.

Also, Many of the beginner bloggers do various illegal activities or false practices to get Google Adsense approval on their blog or website but this is a huge mistake as Google can easily detect your activities and rejects you. Actually,  Getting AdSense approval is very easy if you follow some tips and guidelines carefully.

So, Today I am gonna be sharing you some Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks. The tips and tricks which I am sharing with you are totally legal and 100% working and trust me if you follow them wisely and correctly, you get Google Adsense approval in just a few days.

Before we begin,  Let's understand in short that what is Google Adsense.

Q - What is Google Adsense?

How to get Google Adsense approval in 24 Hours.

Basically, Google AdSense is an Advertising program that is run by Google which allows the blog publishers in the Google Network of content sites to serve automatic text, image, video, or interactive media advertisements, that are targeted to site content and audience. These advertisements are completely administered, sorted, and maintained by Google itself.

Also, Adsense is the best advertisement program as compared to the other ad networks which are available in the market.

Now, Let's move to our main topic i.e Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks.

Best Google Adsense Account Approval Tricks 2018

1. Quality / Unique Content

Most of the new bloggers do this mistake very commonly which is they copy the content or you can say articles from other popular websites. Also, many people use article spinning websites to regenerate the article which they copy from other websites and this is the dumbest thing ever. If you doing this thing to write articles and posts on your blog then you will never get an Adsense approval on your website because Google crawlers and bots are capable enough to detect these unusual things. Even, I was also doing these types of things in the beginning when I am a noob in blogging but now I am experienced enough to guide you in getting Adsense approval for your blog.

The main thing you should do is to write the quality articles and some unique content which people are like to read, you should write your articles in any language whether it is Hindi or English. Also, Your articles or posts are greater than 700 words which is a good enough length.

If you end up writing the quality content on your blog then you will get Adsense approval easily without a headache.

2. About us, Contact us, Privacy policy Pages

About us, Contact us, Privacy policy, Terms and conditions, Disclaimer. These are the 5 pages which are most important for your blog or website for getting an Adsense approval.

You must have to create these 5 pages in your blog because they are very important to your blog, especially contact us, privacy policy, About us pages.

In case you are thinking that how can I create those pages in my blog or a website then please don't worry because there are already many websites which are present on google and helps you to generate your website's privacy policy, terms and conditions but the one page i.e About us have to be made by you because you are the only one who can briefly describe that on what topic your website is based.

Some of the free tools are:
SEO Friendly Template plays a very important role in your blog and is also very helpful to get an Adsense approval on your blog or website. Most of the beginners do this mistake 90 times out of 100 that they always use some bad looking and non-responsive templates.

You should always use fully responsive, SEO friendly, Mobile friendly templates which suites your website niche(the topic on which your website is based). Also, Many beginner bloggers use the templates which are of different category as compared to their blogs.

Most common example - People use fashion blogger templates in a tech category blog because they are good looking and beautiful.

Here are some of the templates which you can use on your blog. These are fully responsive and SEO friendly blogger templates.
  1. Cyber
  2. Enside
  3. Publister
  4. Tech Wise
  5. News On
You can also download some cool responsive templates from

4. Website Optimization

Website optimization is very important to make your blog or website eligible to get Adsense approval. Most of the beginners are failed to optimize their site properly which is later resulting in the disapproval of their Adsense account.

Here, I am giving you some useful tips to optimize your blog or website.
  1. Your website loading speed should be very fast in both desktop and mobile versions.
  2. Your images which are used on the website are well optimized and should have alt tags properly.
  3. Your on-page SEO score should be good and at least 75.
  4. Your website must have a sitemap widget in the pages section so that Google crawlers can easily categorize the posts of your website.
  5. Your website should have proper Title, Description and Meta Description.
  6. Your website should not run too many javascript because they decrease your website loading speed.

Note - You can also use SEO Analysis tools to analyze your website optimization.

5. Google Analytics / Webmaster Accounts

This is last and the most important thing that you should do to get Adsense approval on your website in a very easy way. You have to set up a Google Analytics account and Google webmaster account in Google search console which is very helpful for you in indexing your site in Google and other popular search engines.

Also, You need to submit a sitemap of your website in Google search console to rank faster on Google.

Google analytics account is very useful in monitoring your website traffic so make sure that you have a Google Analytics account for your blog or your website.

You should have at least 10 well-written articles or blog posts before applying to Adsense.

Bonus Tips:

  1. You should disable all the other ad networks of your website before applying to Adsense.
  2. You should use Keywords Everywhere extension which helps you in doing keyword research.
  3. You should use Grammarly Extension which helps you in writing quality blog posts.
  4. You should have proper navigation of everything that presents on your blog or website.
  5. You should better use premium templates instead of free templates because they are more optimized and also there are no footer credits.
So, I hope you liked the article and if you have any query or doubt in your mind then do share with us by commenting below, We will surely give reply :D

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