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Mint Launcher vs Poco Launcher

In the past couple of days, Xiaomi launched its few devices i.e Redmi Note 7, Redmi Note 7 Pro and Bluetooth earphones along with the Redmi Go smartphones which are based on the android go edition. 

The Redmi Go smartphone comes with its new user interface which is highly optimized according to its storage needs but the main thing is that Redmi Go has its own UI launcher called Mint Launcher.

Also, A few months ago, Xiaomi also launched its sub-branded device Poco F1 which also had its own launcher called Poco Launcher and in this article, We are comparing these two launchers as they both are offered by Xiaomi itself and both are available on the play store for you.

So, Let's move to the Mint Launcher vs Poco Launcher and find out that which one is better and best suitable for you.

Mint Launcher vs Poco Launcher: Which is better?

1. Mint Launcher

Mint Launcher vs Poco Launcher

  • Home Screen - The home screen on the mint launcher is quite simple and minimalistic. The clock widget is very handy and noticeable as compared to the poco launcher. On top of it, You get a google search bar which is actually removable and you can remove it as per your need. The desktop grid is of 4x4 and it also has a cleaner by default as you can see in the screenshot attached above. The status bar is transparent.

  • App Drawer - Coming to its app drawer, it is very handy and easy to use. All the apps are significantly arranged in a decent manner and when you go to the settings of the mint launcher, you will be able to customize the app drawer as per your needs but it lacks some good features as compared to the poco launcher on which we will discuss soon. Although it is quite good enough.

  • Launcher Settings - The settings of the mint launcher helps you to customize it as per your choice. As you can see in the screenshot above, you can get the options like icon packs, app suggestions, automatically app grouping, customize the layout and much more.

  • Size and Availability - The size of the mint launcher is somewhere around 10 MB and the minimum requirement of Android version is Android 5.0 (Lollipop API 21).

2. Poco Launcher

Mint Launcher vs Poco Launcher

  • Home Screen - The home screen on the poco launcher is literally amazing as you can get the weather widget also along with the clock widget. The icons and the search bar is bigger in size as compared to the mint launcher. Also, The desktop grid is the same as in the above launcher. You can also get the default wallpaper of poco f1 along with the poco launcher and this is a very good feature.

  • App Drawer -  Here comes the biggest difference in both launchers of Xiaomi as Poco launcher consists of some very cool features when it comes to the app drawer as compared to the mint launcher. You can change the drawer background as light, transparent, dark according to your choice or need. Although I recommend you use a light background as it will look phenomenal. You can set it either horizontally or vertically.

  • Launcher Settings - The poco launcher has some amazing features in the launcher settings. You can directly jump into the system settings from there in just a single click which is quite good. Also, You can hide your app icons from there. Additionally, You have a feature of double tap to lock the screen (ie. You have to double tap on the blank spot on the home screen to lock the device).

  • Size and Availability - The size of the poco launcher is somewhere around 15 MB and the minimum requirement of Android version is Android 5.0 (Lollipop API 21).


Both of these launchers are offered by xiaomi itself to enhance your user experience but it completely depends on you to either use the mint launcher or to use the poco launcher.

The mint launcher is highly optimized but lacks some features while on the other hand poco launcher has all the essential features. As per my own opinions, I recommend you to use the poco launcher as it is quite good and it improved a lot after so many updates while the mint launcher is new and need some improvements.

Remember that Android launchers are here to improve our user experience, not to worsen it. I hope you liked the article and if you have any queries then do mention them in the comments below and I will surely get back to you and make sure you have subscribed to this blog for some cool articles :D

NOTE -  Both launchers are available for free on the play store and you can download them for free. 

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