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Welcome to Profit Central, A news and media website which covers the content related to Technology, Smartphones, Photography, Android apps, Games, Android Tweaks, Blogging, SEO. Our main motive is to aware you about the latest stuff related to Technology. 

About The Blog

Profit Central is my dream blog, here on my blog I share articles related to Technology, Android Apps, Photography, Blogging, SEO, Games. I started this blog on 25 August 2018 to share my knowledge of Technology and the Internet.

I love Technology for many years, I am very inspired by the top technology and photography experts in the world.

I am very passionate about technology and photography but now I want to help people out there in our society and solve their problems related to tech stuff. I also share my articles on SEO, Digital marketing and Making money online because India is a country where people struggle a lot in making money online.

About me

My name is Mayank Tyagi, A professional web designer, and SEO expert. Currently, I am studying in 12th standard and the student of science stream but along with my studies, I also managed to do blogging to help people like you out there. 

I also run a youtube channel called Mr.Matyork where I upload tech-related videos and currently I have over 2500 subscribers.

I also do affiliate marketing and as of now, I have over 5 earning sources from where I am managed to collect a decent amount of money so that I do not become dependent on anyone. 

You can also connect with me on:
For any concerns, information or help related to Blogging, Technology, Photography you can contact me at Profitcentral06@gmail.com or Mayanktyagi685@gmail.com.

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